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Its not a secret that co-op living is a dominating force in New York City’s housing market. While they resemble apartments on the surface, the details surrounding co-op real estate are unique to those who are not familiar with this type of housing. At Asking Price Realty, we possess a high level of knowledge about all types of real estate encountered in New York City. Allow us to introduce you to the world of co-ops and help you determine if this housing style meets your real estate needs!

Advantages of Co-op Living

Residents offer a long list of benefits that they enjoy by living in a co-op. The most commonly mentioned advantages to co-op living include:

  • Lower costs compared to other housing styles in the same urban area.
  • Access to amenities that can be difficult to find in large cities, such as a pool or fitness facility.
  • Minor maintenance and repair services are performed by building staff.

Co-ops in New York City

If the benefits of co-op living leave you feeling curious, look no further than Asking Price Realty. We are committed to presenting you with housing options that allow you to make an informed decision on your next real estate move.

If you are planning to sell your current co-op housing, we have all of your must-know information to ensure that your sale proceeds smoothly and that you do not need to settle for less than your “Asking Price!”

Our valued clients can enjoy these services:

  • A complimentary appraisal before listing your property for sale.
  • Our unique Guaranteed Program, promising that if we do not sell your property within 25 days, we will not take a commission (restrictions apply)!
  • A customized approach to marketing your property.
  • Loan pre-approval assistance for our buyers.

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Co-ops are an ideal option for many urbanites. Contact Asking Price Realty today to learn more about the sale and purchase of these unique New York City properties!

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