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The Selling Process


At Asking Price Realty, we understand that selling a home is a multi-step process. It is crucial to complete every step meticulously to ensure a quick sale and top dollar for your property. Asking Price Realty specializes in guiding clients through the sales process in New York City’s complex real estate market.

Critical Steps in the Selling Process

When it is time to sell your home, there is no room for error. These four steps are essential in the selling process:

  • Contact Asking Price Realty: Connecting with one of our agents is your first step to a successful sale!
  • Prepare your home for sale: Asking Price Realty will offer expert advice on staging and minor repairs that will make your home more attractive to buyers.
  • Set an asking price: Your real estate agent will analyze the recent sales prices of comparable homes in the area to determine an appropriate asking price.
  • Put your marketing strategy into action: Your home will be seen across multiple venues, increasing exposure to serious buyers.

What to Expect From Your Marketing Strategy

Asking Price Realty will devise a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to attract serious buyers and sell your home quickly. This customized approach will utilize multiple resources and may include:

  • An MLS listing.
  • Printed publications.
  • Popular real estate-focused web venues.
  • One or more open houses to display your beautiful home.

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