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Understanding the value of your property is a crucial part of entering into the real estate market. Many sellers have not considered the benefit of conducting a property appraisal prior to listing. At Asking Price Realty, we understand that a well-priced property will spend less time on the market. We firmly believe that a property appraisal prior to listing will arm the seller with valuable information to have a successful sale.

Property Appraisals Explained

A property appraisal is defined as a professional estimate of a property’s value. Most appraisals consist of these key features to determine a property’s worth:

  • A property description.
  • Information about the area including demographics, available amenities and potential trends.
  • A property valuation, using the sale of comparable properties in the area as a guide.

Free Property Appraisal From Asking Price Realty

At Asking Price Realty, we have a special interest in the needs of the seller. It is our goal for our clients to get their “asking price” for their property.

An appraisal performed prior to listing ensures that a property is priced fairly from the start. Asking Price Realty is proud to offer a free property appraisal for evaluation purposes prior to listing.

Our free property appraisal, worth up to $400, offers these distinct advantages to the seller:

  • An appraisal provides crucial information needed to price the property fairly.
  • A property that is appraised prior to listing may sell faster.
  • An appraisal performed before listing may increase buyer confidence.

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A free property appraisial prior to listing is a unique advantage that many real estate agencies don’t provide. Contact Asking Price Realty today for a leading edge in the sale of your property!

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