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Mixed-Use Properties

The lively streets of New York City offer a diverse blend of real estate. Mixed-use properties, a hallmark of urban areas, are a large part of the real estate market in the largest city in the United States. At Asking Price Realty, our in-depth knowledge of complex and dynamic real estate markets make us your perfect partner in the sale or purchase of mixed-use properties in New York City.

Common Traits of Mixed-Use Properties

Mixed-use properties are intended to serve multiple functions. They range in size from modest to expansive. These unique real estate finds can be customized to the owner’s desire, creating unlimited options. The most common mixed-use property configurations incorporate:

  • Residential and retail space.
  • Residential and office space.
  • Retail and office space.

Mixed-Use Real Estate in New York City

Mixed-use property transactions have their own distinct characteristics that may be unfamiliar to buyers and sellers who are navigating this area of the real estate market. At Asking Price Realty, we are experts in the sale and purchase of mixed-use buildings. 
If you are planning to sell your mixed-use property, Asking Price Realty can help. We are a seller-focused agency, providing these exceptional benefits to our clients:

  • A tailored approach to the sales process that prioritizes the seller’s needs.
  • Access to top real estate resources to market your property to the right buyer.
  • A free property appraisal prior to listing.
  • Our Guaranteed Program – ask our agents for details!

If you are ready to purchase a mixed-use property in New York City, we are prepared to:

  • Assist you in understanding the details of the certificate of occupancy.
  • Research loans that make sense in your situation.
  • Ensure that you have a clear understanding of your mortgage terms.

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If you are planning to buy or sell a mixed-use property in New York City, take the first step by contacting Asking Price Realty. We are eager to guide you through a successful transaction!

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